Design Development at Sally Bradley Interiors


Sally Bradley Interiors begins working with you after a phone call to start understanding the scope of the project or problems you are trying to solve. Whether you have pets, kids or messy family members—we can help design the best project that puts your mind at ease.

After the discussion, an appointment is set up to actually see the space .There we talk about your ideas of style, usage, and other concerns that we see at the location. We do charge for a site visit.

Phase 2

If you feel comfortable moving forward, a contract is signed that explains how we work. And we start creating and pulling together all the options for the project.

Phase 3

Presentations of the project possibilities are gone over with final selections done. All of the elements are then priced and re-presented. At this point, depending on the scope of the project, you can select what area/s have highest priority and start ordering from there. YOU now have a “MASTER PLAN” to progress with. Many people doing entire a master plan…and then we start with bedrooms and kitchen/baths or other areas of their preference. . Then in 6 months, they then do the next area. So you do not have to do it all at once—BUT having the plan keeps you on track for ALL the elements and style to flow correctly from room to room.

Project Management

We take care of all the ordering, tracking, workrooms, and any other vendors involved…all the way thru to the installation date. In NEW HOME construction, we give you updates on your design’s progress and from time to time meet at the site to go over some ideas that have come up that need to be discussed onsite. We keep in contact with you regarding how things are progressing so you know what is happening. We are there with you—not just the delivery guys—to make sure all is done correctly. We try to get things delivered in a timely manner so you can get back to your life.

New Home Construction

Sally Bradley Interiors comes from a 5 generation family architectural firm..we bring years of experience. We have worked on numerous new projects with the architects and builders. Being there in the beginning helps prevent problems down the road…like window treatments with no area to mount them..or lighting placement/switches that are poorly placed. Don’t even get me started about how many times they place a return vent right smack in the middle of the wall you were going to place a great piece of art. We are YOUR advocates for a beautiful home.

Color Consultations

Nothing changes our moods more than color. Color can provide the unity within a room and the correct transition from room to room. We have seen a blah room with some nice art become a WOW room that shows off the elements..down to fabrics, accessories and art. For the price of some paint and some moving things can achieve a whole new room.

Space Planning

Space planning is the mapping out of how the furniture, walls, windows, cabinets are laid out to the best of their use and traffic flow. Conversation areas, work areas, display/plant locations are all taken into consideration. Sometimes it is just the flipping of the major elements that make all the difference of a thoughtful room layout. And don’t forget good lighting.

Window Treatments

Window treatments and all the techniques, fabrics, trims and the architectural design of them, is what has kept me excited over the years. Designing a window treatment is like noticing the fall of the fabric, the folds and elements that draw the eye to the way it enhances the background of a room. Like Valentino, Armani, Donna Karan, to understand the cutting of a fabric and giving the attention to details makes the difference between a great window and a nice window treatment. We are experts in this with 30 years designing and working with my workrooms. The other aspect is the “jewelry” of the hardware available. So many styles to select from.

Kitchen and Bath Design

We have designed many kitchens and baths over the years. Even when the home sold..the new owners remarked that one of the selling points was the fabulous designed kitchen and bathrooms ,that were laid out in such an easy and organized manner .The selection of cabinet color and countertop, along with the little extras built in—the lighting ,the bar stools,the sink and faucet details, all added up to a kitchen and bath that had visual impact. I love finding tile work that shows the clients personality and also utilize other paint/wallcover elements that have a surprise element. I also design CUSTOM kitchens and baths built to my specifications that incorporate exotic woods and custom touches. Sometimes this is the only way to best utilize the space.

ReDesign/Odds and Ends

This usually comes up after Sally Bradley Interiors has had an area repainted. We take what objects/ art you have and create new combinations and then add where elements are missing. Art and display of collections is one of my favorite things to do.Whether it is a PEZ collection or antique prints..all can be improved upon to delight. I have had the opportunity to work with some great collections over the years and learned some new history from them.

Another area that was previously mentioned is the room layout of furniture and lighting. Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to see the problem and correct it. We enjoy the challenge.

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