Working with Bradley Interiors thru the years, we like that we get 3 to 4 choices for a project. They show us great ideas and we have used local artists to make our place one-of-a-kind–with their ideas. We are also glad that once they use a piece, they never sell it again so our place is our look.They have helped us in our home and the business offices. C. Condon

Our resources cover all of the possible styles our clients ask us to create and various price points for their needs. Our CUSTOM capabilites for furniture, cabinetry, and lighting opens up many possibilites for the project and clients’ wishes.

INTERIORS-nethery LR photo1We keep your project files for years as a service to our client. On more than one occasion, It has come up that there was a fire and a client needed the information for their insurance company…. we had it. Or, the time came to change out a bedspread or drape..we already had the measurements in their files.

Once we sell a style of sofa, fabric, lighting, we never sell it again. It is like your best frien
d showing up with the same dress…how rude! We are very careful to find things that are only unique to you. So any referrals that have been given are always protected by these ethics. We do not duplicate the same room after room and just change the fabrics.

We have been doing residential, offices, country clubs, restaurants, clinics, corporate lobbies and boardrooms and so many others—for over 30 years. Many clients had us first do their home and were so impressed that we got the phone call to do their work place. One client like their offices so much and the signature look I gave it, that they copied it for their downtown Chicago corporate offices. It became their corporate office image—it was an advertizing group. So that was really a compliment.

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