A few comments clients of Sally bradley Interiors have made over the years–

“She did our perfect room–not someone elses..really listened to what we wanted and how we lived our lives.” J. Moore

“I wanted LUX in my bedroom..I GOT IT! Very practical suggestions and thinks long term.”L. Nethery

” We have used her for our home, my husbands’ clinic,our lake house..and all have a different feel to them.” c.Lenox

” I used her, Sally Bradley Interiors, for my home and liked the way she worked so well I hired her to do our North American Headquarters Lobby, boardroom and offices–very happy and so were our International clients.”
QUANTUM Performance Films. J. Day
( Worlds’ largest Product Film Manufacturer–all potato chip bags, cigs,and many other products worldwide use them to package their products–plant is over 1.5 miles long and HUGE machines to place product in the printed film packaging!They run 24/7 when doing a product like Lays Potato chips.Shipped international and USA.)

“It was a blind call we made thru the phone book. that is how we found Bradley Interiors.But her funny candor is why we had her come and liked her immediately! We hired her to create a client ” on line room/s” and she also did our boardroom–very happy with results.”
Quebecor –Worlds” largest printing company.All catalogs like Bloomingdales, Horchow,
LL Bean,the Enquirer,and most mail order catalogs–THEY PRINT.FYI-when they go to print, the catalog rep is there 24/7 on site to check every page printed–even if 3am.These print jobs are $4M+ most of the time…and they run 24/7 with semi trucks waiting when they come off the press. The presses are 3 stories high and are .75 miles long.It is facinating to see in person!

“We used her to do our home and then hired her to do our ADVERTIZING AGENCY that was a satellite of a high end Chicago Ad firm. She did it so well that the Principals of the Chicago firm came and were blown away. LOVED IT! She created a signature look/image so well that they copied it for the Chicago Office.” D.St.John

“Sally Bradley Interiors did a number of areas at our country club with happy results.BUT what Bradley Interiors did in the main bar was so impressive, that our members were telling us that their international clients were asking who did it.” Rockford Country Club-General Manger
(side note–I had a custom woven tartan plaid done in Scotland in wool for the club chairs and used Jane Churchill(works for the Royals-UK) fabric on the bar stools,and also a classic linen print on brass rods for the draperies–the carpet was a classic ,yet contemporary squares design)

” We used her for our home, but my wife said my Law Office looked really tired. So She came (Sally Bradley Interiors) and went thru an interview of what my needs were and what I was not happy with from a function standpoint and what I like..was hard for me to tell her since it is not my world. BUT she pulled together a few options and looks. ONE nailed it!
All my other partners were jealous when they saw what i got to spend 8+ hours a day in working. She was then asked to do the lobby of the law firm–turned out very nice.”
Reno -Zahm

“We bought a fabulous large Tudor home on the river and the kitchen was NOT so fabulous. I had worked with Sally Bradley before on another house,so called her in. She completely designed the kitchen and made the typical tasks so easy to acomplish and a joy to use the areas. Her logistics of the common things–like empty the dishwasher..maybe one step. A breakfast bar that all was at your fingertips. She showed me how to set up the island for parties and buffets to make it look pretty. She even showed me how to do a bar area in the house for parties and how to handle large amounts of food and space it so everyone is NOT in the kitchen. She is a party planning genius! One learns alot from Sally..just ask her.
P. Clark

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